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The Colorado River



Paddling the Flat Water Colorado: A Video Diary

May 16th & 17th, 2009

    This video was shot as things were happening.  It was an adventure that Lisa and I looked at as a high point of our trip through Arizona.  You will see the beauty of the flat water Colorado River, along with some of our adventures and misadventures.  You will also see my growing frustration with the work of our outfitter, Lake Powell Kayak, as represented by its owner, Kyle Walker.  To be fair, it should be noted that I was coming down with some kind of viral infection who’s main symptom, aside from grumpiness, was a barking cough.  The day after our trip ended I was in an urgent care center with a 101 degree fever. Perhaps that made some things seem more negative than they were.  You be the judge. 



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