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Problems Accessing this Site?


Some folks have reported problems accessing some of my web pages.  I have the following suggestions to make things work. 

  1. 1.Update Your Browser: If you are using a browser that is more than two years old you need to update it.  This is true without regard to the platform (PC or Mac) you are using.  My website uses the very latest developments in web design technology.  It will not work well with older browsers.  In the past, Microsoft Explorer has been particularly bad for accessing this site.  However, current updates may have corrected this problem. 

  1. 2.Use Firefox: I recommend that you download the latest version of Firefox at http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/ .  This is a free download.  Firefox is quickly becoming the industry standard (even the Apple people recommended it to me over Safari). 

  1. 3.Get Quicktime Player: All of my videos use the Quicktime format.  You will need Quicktime Player to see my videos.  A free download of the newest version of Quicktime Player is available at http://current-versions.com/quicktime

  1. 4.Update your OS: If your operating system has not been updated in a few years, you probably will have trouble accessing this site, along with many others on the internet.  Older operating systems will not have the proper instruction sets to accept the commands given by my site’s software.  I have a one year old Mac and a seven year old Mac.  My site runs on both of them, but I have updated the older Mac’s OS at least three times. 

       If you are having trouble, try the things listed above.  If your computer is too old to be properly updated, buy a new one @ (http://www.apple.com/ - my pitch for Apple).  My site is worth it :)


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