We met at the Park N’ Ride lot off Exit 9 of I-87N at 8 AM.  The group leader for the trip was Bill Valentine.  A large contingent of folks gathered for this event, about twenty-four in number.  We convoyed to the rest stop between exits 17 and 18, where we gathered and set off again for exit 23 and Warrensburg (Directions follow).  The final leg of the drive was over a hard dirt road, with a quarter mile portage to the launch point.  I was glad that I had packed my boat cart.  This made the portage quite easy.   

Thirteenth Lake is a small but pretty lake nestled between mountains high in the Adirondack Mountains.  It is wild and undeveloped, with a heavily wooded shoreline that ends in a marsh at the south end.  The lake lies on a north-south axis with the launch point at the extreme north end.  It is barely two miles in length.  The shoreline is fairly regular, with few coves or indentations to explore. 

We proceeded east along the northern edge of the lake, then followed the eastern shoreline, heading south toward the marsh at the end of the lake.  The eastern shore is wooded, but has some nice beaches and “informal” camping spots.  When we reached the marsh, several of us pushed in, looking for an outlet, until we could go no further.  We followed the marsh’s edge, heading west until we reached the western shore.  This shoreline is steeper and rockier, with little possibility for pulling out.  Of course, this is where we hoped to stop for lunch.  As we were about to give up the search and head back to the launch point, I spotted an area that was acceptable and we all pulled in for a bite to eat.  After some food and conversation, we paddled off toward the launch area.  On the way, we discovered another campsite. 

Thirteenth Lake is very pretty and offers a genuine Adirondack wilderness experience for the inexperienced or recreational paddler.  It is too small and the shoreline too regular to be interesting to a serious paddler. 

Thirteenth Lake Launch Point                                                 Photo ©DYackel

Trip Data:

Distance Traveled:4.38 miles

Maximum Speed:4.7 Mph

Average Speed:2.8 Mph

Time Moving:1:35:22

Directions to Thirteenth Lake:

I 87N to Exit 23

Left on Rt. 9 at the exit. 

Follow Rt. 9 through Warrensburg

Left on Rt. 28 just after the village

Follow Rt. 28 through North Creek

Look for a left turn onto 13th Lake Road (see the Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area sign on the corner)

Left on 13th Lake access road at the garnet Hill Lodge sign


Friday, November 2, 2007

Trip Report: Thirteenth Lake with ADK

September 20, 2007

Thirteenth Lake                                                                     Photo©DYackel