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If you haven’t checked out my LINKS PAGE, you should.  There is a long list of connections to outfitters, equipment, gear vendors and other paddling sites.  They are listed because I have used these sites myself and have found them useful.shapeimage_4_link_0

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Yackman’s Blog

Extensive Trip Reports from New York and New England, the United States, Mexico and Central America.Yackmans_Blog/Yackmans_Blog.html
The Guest Blog
Contributions from other adventurers - not all paddlers, with information and opinions on trips, gear and more.  Add your trip report or opinion piece here.Guest_Blog/Guest_Blog.html
Yackman Sounds Off!

Collections of gear reviews and opinions about various paddling topics.Yackman_Sounds_Off%21/Yackman_Sounds_Off%21.html
Adventure Book Reviews

Reviews of books that loosely fall under the label “Adventure”.  Guest reviewers contributions and comments are welcome.Adventure_Book_Reviews/Adventure_Book_Reviews.html

A Key to My Trip Reports: The Keys page pulls all the reports on a single trip together in one place.  Use it to access all the information on any of my trips. Click here or use the Navigation Bar.

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Two events have caused me to redesign Yackman.com.   First, I had to find a new server to host Yackman because my original hosting server at MobileMe stopped offering this service on June 30, 2012.  Second, Apple will no longer support iWeb, the software used to create this version of Yackman.com.  I have found other software and am building a new website.  But what to do with five years of trip and gear reports, book reviews and guest blogs?  My solution is to archive the old site at YackManArchive.com while hosting the new site at the original YackMan.com.  I will transfer some of the reports and data over to the new design, but many items will remain on the archive site.  I will link to these items from the new YackMan.com.  I will take a few days to get the new site up loaded.  Until then, you will find this original site at both URLs. 

Yackman’s Photo Albums

Collections of photographs, mostly mine,  from various trips.Albums/Albums.html

    Yackman has moved from beautiful (but cold and snowy) upstate NewYork to the Treasure Cost of Florida.  If you are a Snowbird, look here for information on Paddling in Florida as you prepare for a winter visit.  “Homesteaders” - full time Florida residents, may also find useful information here as well.  And anyone can always email me to go paddling.


Something Old and Something New

Something Old: The original Yackman website, now YackmanArchive.com

Something New: A new website at Yackman.com

Yackman has completed a stitch and glue kayak.  Follow his progress at this link: Building Pinguino